Your Newfoundland vacation around the bay!

The View from The Cox House is captivating!

Whether you are drinking a coffee in bed or relaxing over tea at the kitchen table this is your view of Conception Bay.  Guests have been known to linger over washing dishes, staring out at the sea.  When you see the sea birds diving (kittiwakes, ganets, and gulls), you know there is a school of fish just off the rocks - and if you keep watching you are likely to spot a whale - maybe even two or three!

The rocks may look small - but they are 20-30 feet above the water on a calm day..... on a rough day 30 foot waves are crashing over them!



The rocks of Blackhead Cove on a calm day.  Look close and you can see the folks fishing - it gives a scale and that they are not as small as they might seem.  .