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Whales & Icebergs



Photos courtesy Dave Sorensen - taken from shore

Newfoundland and Labrador has the largest population of spectacular humpback whales in the world! And over 29 varieties of marine mammals. 

We are home to the legendary giant squid, tiny caplin, and uncountable frolicking seals. More species, more often, and in more locations... than anywhere else in Canada.

In 2014 a camera crew from The Nature of Things spent several weeks exploring the area and filming humpbacks and orcas along the coast in this area.  You can view some of the spectacular footage on the CBC Player at:

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This iceberg was grounded off Blackhead point for a month.  It was estimated to be 10 stories tall.  Even though it was 3 km off shore, when large chunks started breaking off of it
the sound was thunder times 10!


sunrise over iceberg in Adam's Cove. (10 minute hike along the coast)


Giant ten-thousand-year-old sculptured blue and white icebergs drift slowly south, as humpback whales migrate to the north. This is the place where their paths cross. It is a sight to behold.                                 

View them both, in season, from the land or coastal boat tours. To find out where the
icebergs are - check out

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